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Client Testimonials

An Order Of Discharge From Bankruptcy

“I was an undischarged bankrupt and I was managing my late father’s food manufacturing business. I was facing a bleak future. The administrator of my father’s estate was about to sell his business to a foreign buyer and I was only offered a short term employment contract. Thankfully I was referred to Bonita. In the space of 3 months, she obtained an order discharging me from bankruptcy, she negotiated a purchase of my father’s business on my behalf, she obtained financing for the purchase, and she completed the purchase transaction in record time. She was amazing and I would recommend her to anyone needing an insolvency lawyer! THANK YOU BONITA!”


bankruptcy Discharge when tax debt is involved

“I was an undischarged bankrupt. Canada Revenue Agency was my main creditor and they were opposing my discharge from bankruptcy. Bonita was able to negotiate a resolution to the matter that resulted in me being discharged from bankruptcy. Thanks to Bonita, I am able to move forward without the worry of CRA coming after me for the tax debt.”


Avoiding Corporate Receivership

“My company was facing a cash crisis due to unpaid accounts receivable and disputes with subcontractors. The secured creditor cut off our line of credit and demanded repayment of all indebtedness. We were facing the real possibility of receivership and the closure of our business. Bonita devised a strategy that included using the “proposal process” under the bankruptcy legislation to allow us to obtain new funding to repay the bank, negotiate settlements with all unsecured creditors, find a new banker, and reach a settlement with the construction bonding company. Thanks to her skills, our company survived, and our future is much brighter.”

A Grateful Construction Company

Corporate Restructuring of A Resort Business

“My company owed a golf course and resort. We were facing foreclosure proceeding by a secured creditor who was going to try to use his secured status to take over the property. I sought legal advice from Bonita. Bonita used certain strategies to thwart the secured creditor. Without Bonita’s assistance, I believe that I would have lost the property. I will be forever grateful for what she was able to do for me.”


Secured Creditor

“My company was a secured creditor with a loan outstanding to a debtor who had a lease on a ski hill that was not in operation. Initially, the ability to recover the loan looked bleak; the matter involved a number of complex legal issues including lease rights on crown land, and unresolved claims by a local Aboriginal First Nation. However, thanks to a strategy that was developed by Bonita the matter was resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you Bonita.”